Let the Journey Begin

The Teide National Park is the most visited National Park in Europe. With Ultra Running Ltd, this could be where your next adventure begins.

Take on the 0-4-0 Challenge

Complete the 55km ascent and descent of the volcano in one assault. Starting from the beach at Playa del Socorro, up towards the peak of Mount Teide and back down to the beach at Playa del Socorro.

Discover the Mount Teide

Mount Teide rises up to a height of 3,718m, making it the highest peak in Spain. It dominates the landscape of Teide National Park. The imposing volcanic edifice looks quite different depending on your exact location and the season. Its changing looks are a never-ending source of delight for visitors

0-4-0 Race Statistics

  • Distance: 55 km
  • Accumulated positive shoulder: 3555 m
  • Accumulated negative shoulder: 3555 m
  • Total shoulder accumulated: 7110 m
  • Max incline: 52%
  • Avg. incline: 15%

What People Say about Teide National Park

“Absolutely stunning area of forest land, amazing volcanic landscape”

“A truly amazing landscape, out of this world”

“What an amazing park to visit. Not to be missed! The landscape is stunning”

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0-4-0 Essential Information

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